1966 Ford Mustang Notchback


The Ford Mustang needs no introduction. The Notchbacks sell extremely well and as an investment it is one of the safest bets you can make whilst enjoying the iconic pony car experience. This car has a 302 motor which goes very well and sounds great. She has a stunning close to 9/10 interior. She also has drum brakes which seem to work ok however I would look at upgrading to Discs if you have continuous usage of the vehicle. This is however a great overall car at the price and if you look around not many in this condition to choose from.


Year: 1966
Make: Ford
Model: Mustant Notchback
Transmission: Automatic
Condition: Original
Engine: 320cu
Exterior Color: Red with White Stripes
Interior Color: Black Vinyl
Price: R550,000
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