1940 Ford Pick-Up Rat Rod


Let us introduce you to the World of RAT ROD’s and our Version in the Shape of a Ford Steampunk Pickup that is a true piece of Art, but we will come back to it shortly.
Rat Rods and Hot Rods have been around since man could customise his vehicle to suit his look and style, but no one can really pinpoint what Rat Rodding is. Often when one sees a Rat Rod as a bare ladder type chassis with open wheels and often a bare metal body that has been aged to look all rusty but then it’s covered in a clear coat to finish it off. Engine wise they are often open to view and insanely powered for the vehicle its propelling forward and the craziest of exhausts.
Rat Rods come in all forms and shape from Mini’s, Beetles, all the way back to 30s Fords and Chevy’s and not forgetting the Bike and Trike ones too.

So, let’s look at this Ford that is really just a piece of Art on wheels and a rear head turn whether its cruising down the street or beach boulevards but where it gets all the attention is parked off at a car show or mall. Some people say that attention to detail, we can say that there is detail for days and even after looking at the car for hours you will find something you haven’t seen before for the pressed copper plates to the conrods that hold the gauges it’s, just Art.
Coming to the Engine that isn’t under the hood is a 302 Ford V8 with electronic ignition, Big Four Barrel Holley Carb and Blower like intake. The wild exhaust is in the form of Gatting Gun Finish and ammo chains hanging down to them. This is tied to a 3 SPD automatic gearbox and pulls this Steampunk Overdrive mobile happily along. The Chassis is an unknown factor, but we can say that this truck handles well, is easy to drive and the disk brakes make this lightweight beast safe.
While we are dealing with handling let’s look at the hot seat and the cabin of this 40s Rat. Starting with the Steering wheel made from a chain that has been chromed. The seats are incredibly unique and give you a good sensation of driving by the seat of your pants. As before we have said that before that is truck is very arty and the use of a rifle and two handguns adds to this feel of the Steampunk Truck.
And finally the Body of this Overdrive Machine we know it be a 40s Pick-Up in all its patina its just beautiful from the rusty whole in the roof, to the Rat in the bed of the truck, to all the ammo casings around the truck and not for getting the grill that has been hand crafted too.
There is just so much to behold on the Ford that it takes you hours to comprehend what you are looking at as you see something new every time you look at it.

So are you a lover for something different and don’t mind standing out in the crowd, as well been the star of the show then we think you should look at investing in this truck.

Interesting trade-in’s will be considered.

Location – Johannesburg

Marc : 082 322 9784
Shane : 076 943 5579
Landline : 076 099 9051

Year: 1940
Make: Ford
Model: Pick-up
Body Style: 2 Door Van
Mileage: 850 Miles
Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
Condition: Good
Engine: 302ci V8
Exterior Color: Rusty Brown
Interior Color: Brown
Wheels: 15 Inch
Price: R495,000
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