1955 Jaguar MK VII


The Marque Jaguar is still one of the greats with its first car being the 2 1/2-liter SS in 1935. From this start William Lyons and William Walmsley built a Legacy that has a wealth of history in racing and building luxury cars for the Royals, Statesmen and us, the commoner that loves everything that is Jaguar.
One can say the Jaguar MK VII is what put them on the map with the Luxury High Performance Saloon builder. The great XK 3.4-liter motor was fitted to this model which wasn’t intended to be but gave the Saloon a 160 bhp and the ability of topping at 101mph, making it the fastest production saloon car of its time. There is a lot more history to the Mark VII like Sterling Moss even raced one in the Touring Car Series of the Day and dominated with this large vehicle. That is very impressive.

68 years on we have just such a Saloon on offer and just as impressive as the day she came off the showroom floor. As the history of the car there isn’t a lot known about it except that it was imported in Zimbabwe back then known as Southern Rhodesia and found its way to South Africa round 1997. Other historical facts are that the car was restored in 2001 by Vorlaufer Cars in Johannesburg and has been basically in storage very since.
So now that we have looked at her past let’s see what this well looked after Mark VII has to offer you today. With this car been a matching numbers 3.4 Liter XK Double Overhead Cam engine you have a great base to move this large lady around, matched to the 4-speed box and the overdrive you have a car that will cruise happily at 70mph all day. And all this in a body that car carry 4 adults or a queen’s mother happily sitting on deep red leather seats, surrounded by wood finishing. With this been a split windscreen car it’s the end of an era before the full curved windscreens was a standard in cars.
To drive this Stately Saloon to a real pleasure from turning the key and hinting the start button which starts every time first time to the power of the motor and ride is as good as a modern Jaguar Saloon.

Yes, we know she isn’t for everyone but surely for the enthusiast of classic motoring this Super Saloon does tick a lot of boxes. So, if you are looking for something different this could be for you, so amble in and see if we can have you motoring out in this Jaguar MKVII

Interesting trade-ins will be considered.

Location – Johannesburg

Marc : 082 322 9784
Shane : 076 943 5579
Landline : 076 099 9051

Year: 1955
Make: Jaguar
Model: MK7
Body Style: 4 Door
Mileage: 36926KM
Condition: Good
Engine: 3.4L Petrol
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Red
Wheels: 16 Inch
Price: R439,000
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