Noted as one of Chevrolet’s most historic vehicles, the Impala has been an American legend for decades. Setting a standard in comfort and value, the Impala seemed to set the bar for the American muscle car. A full-size sedan built by the Chevrolet division of General Motors, became the best-selling full-size vehicle in the U.S. Its main competition was the Ford Galaxie 500 and the Plymouth Fury during a time when full-size models dominated the market. Its success forced Chevrolet to separate it into its own separate model. The Impala underwent many distinct styling phases that included iconic grilles and wild rear ends over its production lifetime.


For 1960 Chevrolet toned down the Impala look a little bit and made the design a bit more conservative. Three modestly sized round taillights were placed on each side of the Impala and the nostril air intakes above the headlights were deleted entirely. With more than 490,000 Impalas produced for 1960, compared to nearly 60,000 built-in its debut year, the Impala may have featured more chrome than Bel-Airs or Biscayne’s but it seemed to work in its favour as it was America’s No. 1 seller.


View: Showroom
Year: 1960
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Impala Convertible
Body Style: 2 Door Convertible
Mileage: 43 000 Miles
Transmission: 3-Speed Manual
Condition: Good
Engine: 283 Cubic Inch (4.6L) V8
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: Red
Wheels: 15inch Alloys
Tyres: Good
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