High-quality custom work and comfy upgrades makes this 1966 Volkswagen Split window Kombi Bus desirable far beyond its obtainable price. This “Splitty” is in every respect a standout automobile. Wearing a two-tone colour like a “Splitty” should, it has been dipped in a red and white so tasty that you’ll swear it was candy allowing it to have a sophisticated undertone like a craftsman piece, but more than just the custom work, details like the body panels, body gaskets, and clear glass tell you this is a properly presented classic. A combination of original and new-old-stock parts has, by way of a rotisserie restoration, returned the car to virtually showroom-new condition. Sparing no attention to detail when designing & refitting the inside of this spectacular “Splitty”, instantly transporting you to another time, a time when 60’s dinners were essential to the American culinary experience of greasy breakfasts served 24/7, burgers fried on an age-old griddle, milkshakes too thick to slip through strews and of course, pie. A delicious mix of classic style and modern upgrades.You can tell by looking at the engine bay that there was a nice investment in here, too with it’s a 1600cc twin port motor, making it a stout and trusty performer and Best of all, you take complete control over this air-cooled symphony with the four-speed manual transmission which makes it the perfect vintage machine.

Model:Split Window Kombi Bus
Engine:1.6 L
Exterior Color:Red and White
Interior Color:Red and White Vinyl
Tyres:White walls
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