1968 Pontiac GTO


Pontiac GTOs are special cars and of the top tier of the brand. The GTO name was inspired from legendary Ferrari 250 GTO one of the most beautiful cars ever built but the true mean of GTO is basically Grand Tourer in Italian. In 68 GM had a whole remodel of their platform that this GTO is built on. The idea was to make the body more curvaceous and giving a cool fast back look which really worked as well as making the car more aerodynamic.

So, enough chatter about the marque and let us get into this GTO. She is well dressed in her Metallic Charcoal Grey Paintwork with her red stripes highlighting the beautiful lines of the car and pulling the red from the Pontiac’s badging. The late sixties was an exciting time for design in the car world. From the front the sharp nose is just beautiful with its hidden 4 headlights and ram air nostrils giving the look that this car means business. From the side the body line is long and sweeping with the pillarless two door GT is just eye-catching. And to finish it off they gave her a nice raised tail , two exhaust pipes peering back at you, with the chrome bumper above them and tail lights built into it, and finally the wing just helping with the aerodynamics of the fast back body
The Interior is stock and has aged well over the past 55 years and yes it may be missing some pieces but that  just adds character to the car and gives you something to tinker with.
Under the hood is a 400CU V8 with a 4-barrel Edelbrock Carb and intake assisting the motor to make more power than a stock engine, but everyone knows that to make power just add more fuel and that is just want that system does. This motor is match to an Automatic box that shifts well, taking the power from the motor to the diff and wheels. Yes, we forgot the wheels on this GTO and the need to thank Chip Foose for them as they complement the whole finished product, aiding in both the ride, handling, and putting the power to the ground.

She is all-round great vehicle from the sixty with both power and looks and if this appeals to you come try her on for size.

Interesting trade-ins will be considered.

Location – Johannesburg

Marc : 082 322 9784
Shane : 076 943 5579
Landline : 076 099 9051

Year: 1968
Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO
Mileage: 3335 miles
Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
Condition: Good
Engine: 400 CU
Exterior Color: Metallic Grey
Interior Color: Black
Wheels: 18 Inch
Price: R800,000
Tyres: Good
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