Fans of the ’70s : this 1978 Chevrolet C10 pickup will bring back good memories of a wonderful time. Forget your bicentennial quarter collection, your Captain America lunchbox, and your Donnie and Marie albums, this attractive Chevy C10 is your express ticket back to your youth.

The good news is that this is a Chevy C10 pickup truck and brings with it all the good stuff that these trucks all possess: rugged good looks, unmatched durability, and the ability to handle all the performance modifications that you’d find on a Camaro or Chevelle. The two-tone paint is quite nicely done and is totally appropriate for the mid-70s, or for any era for that matter. The sheet metal appears to be original and is laser-straight so you don’t have to wonder if this was work truck brought back to life. Instead, it has obviously been something special all its life, and like those quarters, there are collectors keeping them safe for future generations to enjoy.

The C10 offers plenty of eye candy too, including bright and shiny bumpers fore and aft, that rugged original grille, exhaust tips, and nice trim all around. To top that, if you want it to work for a living there’s a fresh spray-in bed liner that is not only extra-durable but looks great up against the black and silver paint.

This truck’s real treat is inside where it sports a combination of original parts to create an all-of-a-piece look that’s just the way you remember. The red is fresh and gives a fairly accurate representation of what you got from the factory in that era.

Nothing runs better than a smooth Chevy small block, and this C10 carries a more than capable 350 cubic inch V8. It runs superbly with a V8 burble at idle and smooth torque throughout. The exhaust provides a deep baritone soundtrack, and the rest of the chassis is stock and nicely preserved, evidence of an easy life away spent away from harsh conditions.

Clean, nicely preserved, and a ton of fun to drive, this C10 will definitely get its share of double takes.

Model:C10 Pickup Truck
Body Style:Pickup Truck
Exterior Color:Black and Silver
Interior Color:Red Vinyl
Wheels:15 Inch
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