1984 Porsche 928S


Welcome to the Grand Tourer and the car that was meant to change the face of Porsche in the 80s. Well actual this model was built between 1977 and 1995 by Porsche AG in Stuttgart and was meant to replace the 911, well history tells that it was a failure cause the 911 is still built in its umpteenth version and the 928 is now a Porsche we used to know, but don’t let this discourage you as these 928’s are on the rise and becoming the next collectable Porsche.

This front-engined 4.7l V8 Sports Car, with its 310hp and 50/50 weight distribution due to its Transaxle system is  very capable of speeds beyond 200kph, despite its size, all this is done in ease of a luxury tourer. With the model been built over several years 1984 Porsche 928 came in this 4 speed Automatic Gearbox, upgraded lower ball joints in the front suspension and the Bosch ABS Braking System was offered as an extra option for the 1st time with Porsche.

These are all facts about the 928 but we are here to look at our white grand tourer. She is an honest car that has been looked after over the last 38 years but she does have her faults. The Engine V8 runs like a swiss watch, smooth and never missing a beat, the blue interior is unusual but hasn’t aged badly for a driver’s car that has done 200 000kms which averages out over the years to 5300kms per year. Saying that it probably did its first 100 000km in the first 5years of its likely because they were and are such good daily drivers and this one we can say without a doubt can be a hand full of fun with a grand smile on your dial.

Come and see her for yourself and let’s see if we can have you driving out on a Classic Porsche!

Interesting trade-ins will be considered.

Location – Johannesburg

Marc : 082 322 9784
Shane : 076 943 5579
Landline : 076 099 9051

Year: 1984
Make: Porsche
Model: 928S
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic
Condition: Good
Engine: V8
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Blue
Price: R175,000
Tyres: Good
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