2005 Smart Brabus Roadster


Back in the late 90’s there was a moment to build small engine city cars and Mercedes Benz seemed to take the lead with nobody really following in their footsteps. So came about the Brand SMART with the quirky Smart Four Two and in the 2000’s they launched The Roadster being very different from its shorter and taller sibling. This was to be a sports car that didn’t look much different from the Concept. The production of this vehicle was quite short lived with the build numbers only being 43000 built between August 2002 and November 2005.

Those who know cars would have heard of the Brabus and mostly being associated with Mercedes Benz and more recently tuning Porsches and Rolls Royce’s too.
One of their Joint Venture Project was the Roadster, with them adding to the styling of the body kit which includes the Brabus Wheels and Spoiler kit. But where Brabus made the difference was on the tuning of the 700cc Turbo motor adding a custom intercooler and the signature signs of a Smart Brabus the Twin Exhaust pipes.

Now that we have chatted about the past of this 18 years old Roadster let’s get into what it is today.
Like when it was built, it’s still eye catching and a cool Targa type car that is sure to excite you whether the top is up or down which is simple to operate at the touch of a button. And the side rails are easily stored under the hood. Once you have got your bum behind the wheel and have looked past the plastic lightweight materials the car is quirky and simple to operate. Turn the Key and the center console and the 700cc Turbo motor springs into life. Section Drive and the fun begins with this revy engine and the turbo noises coming from behind you as this little toy pushes you rapidly to legal speeds if that pleases you while your hair blows in the wind. Yes, this car isn’t going to break land speed records but will always put a smile on your face.

We know that the SMART Marque isn’t going to be for everyone but we sure can recommend having a look at this cute Brabus Roadster as your next toy to flitz around town or down the beach fronts while turning heads of people smiling at you.

Interesting trade-in’s will be considered.

Location – Johannesburg

Marc : 082 322 9784
Shane : 076 943 5579
Landline : 076 099 9051

Year: 2005
Make: Smart
Body Style: 2 Door
Mileage: 63695
Condition: Good
Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Black
Wheels: 17 Inch
Price: R199,900
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