2007 Ariel Atom Series 2


Carte Blanche….no, not the bad news on a Sunday, we talking about engineers having Carte Blanche to design the ultimate handling, accelerating track for road car possible. Yes, that is the Ariel Atom. It’s a simple no BS formula to deliver maximum performance from a light weight road car. Founded in 2000, Ariel has been delivering smiles per miles at a rate no other manufacturer could keep up with…especially when you consider what’s left you wallet for those hurray moments!

There is no mucking about when it comes to its Suspension: “The Atom’s suspension derives from single seat racing cars and is fully adjustable, requiring only a wrench. Both front and rear double unequal length wishbones and inboard, pushrod-operated dampers contribute to the Atom’s dynamic handling. Adjustable suspension rod ends feature inboard rubber/metal bushings to promote a more comfortable road-going ride. The front and rear Bilstein dampers are also adjustable. Stacked helper coil springs and main coil springs produce a low spring rate for minor deflections and a higher rate for large ones.”

Acceleration is simply off the charts. Depending on which model you buy, its crazy fast! So fast, that its held all sorts of world records. Factor in the wind in your face and close to the ground effects, the drive is exhilarating on another level. This Atom features a Honda K24 Motor which has had all the internals upgraded with a turbocharged set-up. Its currently in ‘road-going’ format on low boost delivering 230kw’s at the flywheel. Now that doesn’t sound like oodles of power, but when you only pushing 550kg’s, its blistering fast, like 3 secs to 100kp/h fast. If you feeling frisky, the motor has been built to safely go all the way up to 300kw’s. Throw In some handy wings, trick diff’s and various upgrades and it’s a recipe for pure performance. Plenty bucks have recently been spent from front to back on this car and our suggestion is to contact us to find out more detail on a car like this.

Only serious skilled drivers should consider this car. It’s a proper weapon that demands respect at all times. This isn’t another nice looking car to add to a collection of polished garage queens. It’s totally different to a modern supercar that assist’s you all the way past 300kph…this car has no ABS, no TCS, no stability programmes, it’s all down to the driver and in a light weight car so expect more twitchy, more edgy, more hardcore.

Interesting trade-in’s will be considered.

Location – Cape Town

Antony : 074 456 4672
Taylor : 072 380 0587
Landline : 021 200 5774

Year: 2007
Make: Ariel
Model: Atom Series 2
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Good
Engine: 2.4 Honda Turb charged
Exterior Color: Black & Red
Interior Color: Black
Wheels: 17 Inch
Price: R595,000
Tyres: Good
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