2009 AC Cobra


Are you the Guy or Girl that loves Speed and the Roar of a V8 in your ears? Are you looking for your next rush then we may just have that fix in the form of this fast AC Cobra for you.

Cobras have been built in South Africa of many years by companies like Kit Car Centre, Shamrock Cars and even Venom Cobras. Currently top of the pops is Backdraft Racing have carried the Cobra name in the 2000’s very well. Cobra builders are always finding new ways of making these cars better, more reliable, and very fast. With time they have been developed from the old Jag XJ6 suspension to the more modern BMW independent type with better handling and braking. As for engines they have got better over time and builders have used more modern LS Chevy Engines as well as the Ford Coyote option with the option of manual or automatic gearboxes. And for those lovers of Cobra’s, you will know that is a good track day car too.

Enough of that chatter, let’s look at the Beautiful Beast of a fast AC Cobra. The charcoal grey paintwork with the silver racing stripes was a desirable choice and really shows off the wonderful curves that Carol and AC Cars started off with all those years ago. The Canvas top is a great addition for us here and the baking sun of the African sun and will keep you dry if you get into a shower.
Under the hood is where the fun begins, the Chevy 350 LS motor with the Edelbrock Carb Conversion and manifold was just an awesome choice. This matched to the 5spd manual box and BMW diff and suspension, you just have a little weight rocket on wheels that is just trying to get out of hand and thrill you at the same time. The side pipes are just music to your ears as she rev’s up and roars with power under your right foot.
Other cool additions are the true knock-on wheels and if you noticed it even comes with a spare wheel for those times that we may get a flat tyre.

So, in summary we have the best thrill that money can buy, that roars, snarls and just wants to burn rubber while getting your heart racing and looking for the next bend or straight away to play in.
We can only say that it has be tried on and enjoyed

Interesting trade-in’s will be considered.

Location – Johannesburg

Marc : 082 322 9784
Shane : 076 943 5579
Landline : 076 099 9051


Year: 2009
Make: AC Cobra
Body Style: 2 Door
Mileage: 6199
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Condition: Good
Engine: 5.7 LS1 V8
Exterior Color: Charcoal Grey
Interior Color: Black
Wheels: 17 Inch
Price: R650,000
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