2018 AC Cobra


When one sees a Cobra its simply beautiful and Carroll Shelby comes to mind. There is quite a history behind the Brand and the replicas that have been made that could be the man in the street’s sports car.

Back in 1961 Mr Shelby wrote to AC Ace the builder about this beautiful roadster and asked them if they would investigate building a V8 version of their car, they agreed if he provided the engine. Carroll first approached Chev to use the Corvette engine, but they didn’t a vehicle to compete against their newly launch Corvette. Naturally, he only had one other choice and went to FORD and asked them for an engine and pretty much the AC Cobra was born.  Years later back here in South Africa a company called Kit Car Centre was producing replicas of the Cobra as well as Beach Buggies and Ford GT40’s to name some of the models. Their business model was to make chassis and Gel Coat Fibre Glass bodies. From here you could buy a complete finished car or you could build it yourself this way giving us South Africans access to this two-seater roadster.  KCC cars were based on a Jaguar suspension and a ladder chassis with the body mounted to it. Sadly, a lot of this cars that owners didn’t finish and thus there are plenty projects out there.

Which brings me to our AC Cobra in its beautiful Midnight Blue paintwork with Matte Dark Grey GT stripes. It’s just beautiful to look at, maybe even one could say it’s a piece of art with its curves and power bulge on the bonnet. But really this is a true-blue blooded sports car with its 351ci Engine and the 3-speed box that is sure to put a smile on your face whether you are cruising the highways or giving it stick from the Robot hunting other sports cars. The songs from the side pipes is sweet roar was as you pull away at a rapid pace. At this time, the bucket seats hold you tight and the jag suspension squats under the torque from the V8 that is just next to your legs in the tunnel.

Interesting trade-in’s will be considered.

Location – Johannesburg

Marc : 082 322 9784
Shane : 076 943 5579
Landline : 076 099 9051

Year: 2018
Make: AC
Model: Cobra
Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic
Condition: Good
Engine: 350ci
Exterior Color: Midnight blue
Interior Color: Black
Wheels: 18 Inch
Price: R425,000
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